Sunday, 16 September 2012

Amici video/new website etc

Well here i am searching for support to go on with a bid that will need someone else's help to polish off.... who are they, where will they come from??? forward in hope..... went to look at Amici's new website...

some years ago i  went to A tribute to Hilde Holger by Amici at the Lyric Theatre London and said at the time i was going "to the roots of my roots!"

Wolfgang changed my life, and gave me this work, Hilde was his teacher ......

i was doing a Psychology degree and went to a dance therapy w/e, enjoyed it and went to the next w/e which was by Wolfgang and was blown away by an image from Ruckblick, sometime later i heard him talk, next to RD Laing in Camden, and with his usual generousity we were invited to attend his work. Attending his class at City Lit once a week became the highlight of my week, a while later i left my degree, when i told Wolfgang (and i was about to ask if i could shadow him), he kissed me on both cheeks and said he would teach me to teach....i never got my technique experience to a high enough level before returning to Cornwall, but in the time i followed him around London (the ultimate apprenticeship) i was regularly in creative dance classes in a stroke rehabilitation session, psychiatric ward and day centre, training class and new groups! Wolfgang teaches by immersion, you do it.....and then you teach from yourself, but with this incredible background of experience, and i say to people i work with when i leave a group and reflect on it, i know someone who can do it better, i have a yard stick to measure / assess it by.....which is Wolfgang....

When i wasn't following Wolfgang around London i watched and studied anything affordable and interesting in the dance theatre world.

I have everything to be grateful for and first and foremost Wolfgang shows how to work with people, he showed me humility and love in action.
Wolfgang has been and continues to be a catalyst for numerous artists, dancers, people....

I could write a whole essay on it...but should be writing a bid!
you can hear many others on this 5min video

Magic of Amici video;

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