Thursday, 22 December 2011

Final Bow

A final bow out to the old year and bring in the new, with a few of the lovely photos that John and Linda have taken and passed on to us from Holiday- thank you.

Including one with Skye who hasn't managed to be captured in many photos this year despite being an extremely strong performer who continues to develop, progress and surprise us - a big thank you to her and everyone else for their work this past year, we are still here!!!
Skye, Linda, Kerry
and there are still new collaborations, and projects developing. Yesterday had a fascinaiting talk with photographer Andy Parker who will start to visit the company in the New Year.

Thanks to Star who introduced him to us.
Star's website is

Leaving you with a few cheery photos of Colin's workshop at Holiday,we haven't had many workshop photos on the blog this year.

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