Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Friends and Dancing and new short film

Yesterday went well, thanks to everyones efforts and support!
 from The Performance centre to the dancers, family and friends, and support workers.
This group is fortunate in having fantastic support workers who fully participate and enjoy it, which allows the group to have fun, enjoy each others company and be so inclusive. 

The quality of care and engagement with people is also embodied in Debs work and experience she is currently the "Health Promotion Liasion for adults with a learning disability", she would like to see groups like Friends and Dancing throughout Cornwall.
Echoed in a converstion I was having where I mentioned that many years ago ( when Shallal first restarted) after seeing a show someone said "There should be one in every town."
Most towns / communities have a ballet/dance school and amateur dramatics group, so why not an inclusive dance/theatre group?

There was the joy of many nice conversations afterwards. The Improvisation and Performance group we have at The Performance Centre is to see if we can seed something like the main company in another area/community. Hopefully more people will come to this from these conversations yesterday, as it has a strong core group but needs a few more to solidify it.
The work has it's own life, and my job - as with creativity - is not to get in the way of it but to facilitate and ease and enable it. After shows / outreach, there has always come new work, more opportunities. 
This was how my work happened many years ago, and it is lovely to see it happen on a bigger scale now Shallal is a charity.

Exciting news that Chris Marsh has edited the short film to Jacqui Callis music.
 We have received good feedback from it already including from our patron Patrick Gale, " BEAUTIFUL!! I shall Facebook and Tweet it at once. I so wish I could have been there." 

(Patrick has a..... "New (very Cornish) novel out this March.. ")

watch the film on Vimeo
Thank you to Jacqui for her music and support, (we are always trying to hatch collaborative plans)...

 and to say that Apex now has a CD available;
" .....participants each wrote and recorded their own song with Jacqui Callis, an independent  music facilitator/ songwriter. The Voice Outside CD is available from their website" 

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