Tuesday, 20 December 2011

feedback and comments from the 16th

I need to get these done before holiday mode kicks in...

Feedback from the "Works in Progress" within The Platform Festive Performance Feast, at the Performance Centre, Tremough Campus.

"Excellent and heartwarming performance at Tremough!
It's very inspiring to see the freedom of expression the performers have."

"Fantastic - moving and inspirational 
  totally inclusive"

...............so I wanted to wax on about German expressionism and Hilde Holger Wolfgang's old teacher. I could never find what I wanted to go to see/do, for CPD until Wolfgang gave a tribute to Hilde Holger at the Lyric Theatre and I wanted to go to see the roots of my roots! in dance / expression etc, which I did and I was very grateful for it. (Wolfgang often talked about Hilde and in the 80's I went to see a small show her students did). www.hildeholger.com/
Mentioning this to my husband he said and your own influences ( tastes ) which of course is true, Wolfgang said to teach from yourself, I have always loved art and watching the process of painting and abstract art have really fuelled and influenced the work.

Also from my time with Wolfgang in London in the 80's;

  • the incredible performances that happened spontaneously in his classes http://www.amicidance.org/wolfgang.html
  •  fringe art events, especially mime that I watched with Mike Mizrahi, now; http://www.iop.co.nz/about-us/
  • Buskers in Covent Garden 
  • Theatre de Complicite www.complicite.org/  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complicite
  • Katie Duck and Groupo http://katieduck.com/Home.html
  • Suraya Hilal  http://www.hilaldance.com/suraya-hilal-dance-company/suraya-hilal-company.php
googling all these dancers/performers so many share a common humanity thread of inclusion and expression and started their work in the early 80's ..enjoy looking at them if you have the time! 
I think I will revisit them as part of my holiday research and relaxation!

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  1. Sharing your influences is a great idea. I've put a links page on my blog and will post some influences on there too. It's interesting to see common threads of interest and for me especially how can painting influence use of space, colours, tones etc. in live performance. I'm looking forward to finishing my degree so I can have more time to research more and check out things like your links. All best love for the holidays. Kim x