Monday, 10 February 2020

Peter & George photos

                                                    Pete Freeman by Steve Tanner
Many thanks to both Pete for making it happen and Steve for yet another set of glorious photos celebrating our final event in this project.
I still have fingers crossed for delayed short film being worked on in South Africa, as we speak, by dear Robin.
Star mentioned the time in the Parkcor gym as a highlight of the project for all the dancers in extending themselves, it is always so good to expand and explore within a project, as in this.....there are many photos from our time there still to edit ...
a simple favourite by Anna Willis

George with his array of instruments
by Steve Tanner

George's approach was the inspiration for the whole project and pushed forwards our approach to performance improvisation. Demelza emphasised in our feedback session that to create work from improvisation is not unusual, to continue that process and exporation into performance is! and also to not know who will be there or what music will be played or the space, pushes it even further ....

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