Saturday, 15 February 2020

Harry Theaker's feedback and some updates

Thank you to all those who work with us.

Harry and i enjoyed a chat the other day, this was his written response to our evaluation.

Harry Theaker      Reflections on Trebah and the Embodied Space with Shallal Dance Theatre.

Almost a year has passed since that memorable day with my fellow performer friends at Shallal sharing encounters with Trebah Gardens and the overarching Operation Starfish Film Project.
As an outside artist I relished the opportunity (one I've been wishing for)  to participate and become a Company Member in a charged performance space, with an audience, on a beach in Cornwall. What more could one ask for? 

I remembered the joy I felt in the freedom to move, interpret, find connections and magical moments collectively in response to clear contextualised themes that Jo had communicated, for instance that of departure and arrival. So much preparation, meetings, conversations, walking possible routes and identifying the Goto performance spaces, risk assessments, organisation of transport, personal assistance, etc etc and then something magical happened on the beach that day and was captured on film.

I would say that each person and performer can realise their own sense of Agency within softer structures that don't impose but liberate and support creativity and choice making. This is the beauty of the improvised space. 

Working with Shallal has been a thoroughly rewarding and nurturing.experience.
They just have a wonderful way of making you feel welcome and included especially when we meet in the performance space, the visual field, the kinaesthetic playground. 

I believe that outside artists/independent dancer performers can be enriched creatively and dynamically as human beings by experiencing the unique environment Shallal have evolved over many years of living and moving together. Could there be room for a regular program where Shallal invites artists from diverse backgrounds and artistic mediums to come and share and experience working together.

Pete Freeman
also kindly updated me on connections and comments he has had since our Newlyn event.

They both point to working more with other organisations/platforms and artists and getting the work more widely seen, (a challenge to me as i have to do less at present ) but wonderful for the whole team who can deliver so much.

Robin's short film from our Parkcor day is nearly ready for putting on Facebook and shows the fun behind it all.
Skye's song is uplifting and we are really grateful to them both,
and i am staggering through many photos, with help now, so hope we can show some of these as well.
The Parkcor gym provides a wonderful challenge and stimulus and we hope to make it an annual visit (for our own strengthening and) in warmer weather!

Al, Colin, Kerry, Pep on the scaffolding!
Shallal Sketchbooks are out and about again at Falmouth Art Gallery for half term.
Thanks to Claire.

Phoebe returns from a Conference about Unlimited
we look forward to hearing all about it.

The Studio goes from strength to strength growing into what we hope and know it can be, with 'returning' artist Fran joining us. Fran works with Tina and they may go to the studio together. (Tina's beautiful painting might hang in the lounge in her home.)
Colin has fitted a key box which enables 'out of hours' artists to access it, such as Alexandra Xierle.
We want it used as much as possible and like our groups to encompass, a whole range of society, joined by enjoying and sharing art.

Had a lovely chat also with Stuart Blackmore recently who i respect and learn a lot from.

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