Wednesday, 16 January 2019

New Instagram, new exhibition, new venues, happy new year!

New Instagram
New Exhibition
New Embodied Space 
New venue for 'Hear My Voice'

Happy New Year!

1. I have to say i am a lover of Instagram, i started it when our older children travelled, and then i found artists and friends and then sayings...and now i have to keep it limited!
Shallal Sketchbooks started a fantastic Instagram with Victoria and continues with Kerry.
(Victoria is hoping to continue into more design training, more news as it unfolds, it's a privilege to work with people and then have to try to write an adequate reference!
Thank you to Anna for setting up our new Instagram account and to Lou and Annis they are all  working behind the scenes on our marketing etc.
We hope it will be an easy and exciting visual way to follow all of Shallal activities.

2. So do go along to see the exhibition in the community gallery at Falmouth Art Gallery it's on till 14 February.

This painting was one of my favourite Christmas presents from Zoe Wilton of her and her mum Marjorie.
It's not for sale but i was asked about it as soon as it was posted.

3. So looking forward to Embodied Space in the empty gallery spaces at Newlyn ..thank you to Simon Jacques for enabling this. Hope to see you there. Each show is unique!
Friday 25 January 1.30pm  free

It had such good feedback we want to travel it around and with no more funding for it - as yet- we are doing it local and bijou!
Thank you to Delpha Hudson for welcoming us back to The Hypatia Trust, where we did most of our original research for the piece!
We welcome invitations to show this work, it can fit into quite small settings, village halls etc.

Still chasing funding for Shallal Dance Theatre, Shallal2 and Shallal Studios & Sketchbooks

so also New Fundraiser in the mix, more soon
I'm really looking forward to it as a good night out!

All new equipment now squeezed into our new studio spaces.
Thanks again to Cultivator Cornwall and Creative Kernow.

Lou and i are looking at continual funding and support for this new permanent studio/s venture and meanwhile thanks also to Ann Rylands Small Donation, The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust, all the grants small or large enable us to continue. 

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