Wednesday, 23 January 2019

music and musings

Distraction, side roads and there is an underlying thread as seeking new latest distraction started with:
and now as all my admin time has been used up! it has ended on this
so heyho now i am eating into my very last piece of time by blogging!
the joy of self employment is the admin will have to be done tonight!

Many years ago i lived 'upstream' from Joe Hemming:
at Polwheveral near Constantine and on my way home i would drop in, cup of tea, chat and it would always involve listening to music....
Joe's love for music is infectious, he is also a beautiful musician...
the music of Estas Tonne takes me back to sources of more to be said music has its own language and meeting point,.
I often say I tend towards 'love' non verbal art forms, although Anna has been reading me Mary Oliver poems, and i picked up again Pilgrim at Tinker Creek whilst not working this holidays.
Good art always points, opens, shares, leads, enables..... to something greater/deeper....

I wanted to interview 2 people about Soul and meeting at depth in their work ( and maybe publish it) and i'm not sure now if i will have, or catch, the time to do they are
Wolfgang Stange
and Father Benedict ...

both had films/documentaries made about them some years

off now ...
Shallal 2 were marvellous last night, they have all deepened progressed their work and i am 'challenged' to find the right vehicle to show/share this
and a big thank you to Sasha for her new baby sister Josephine, only 2 weeks old, coming to visit us
( Congratulations to Jamie and Syd and Welcome to Josephine) 
Out There Liskeard today, new people bring new influences and joy and we are appreciating Zoe, ( greek dance music and ancient Armenian duduk music) Penny, Jay and Jake.

Tomorrow Embodied Space at Newlyn!
Great news dear Peter Kirby returns as a guest artist! everyone is really pleased, ill health and tiredness had led to Peter not making Fridays but he is still at Friends and Dancing and can slot into Shallal Dance Theatre as he knows the company and loves to perform.

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