Thursday, 1 March 2018

Writing /avoiding and FACES by Shallal 2 Wednesday 28 March

Time to turn to the blog.
I could look at it as a place to practice writing and i still need to grapple with writing as an art form, I'm happy to give time and wait and work on dance etc but somehow i think writing should just come out ok first time, which it doesn't often, i usually have to reverse most of my sentences! and add in lots of words to make sense!
Sequencing is not my strength, more that 'circular and peripheral' vision.

However this blog is also a place to share and celebrate.
Fantastic to have done the Exhibition and have the Book in our hands and watch it finding it's way to other people.

Shallal 2 show percolating, very short notice but some fun stuff coming along for ...

FACES by Shallal 2, Wednesday 28 March Falmouth Art Gallery 6pm free

Zoe Osmond is making a poster.

I am here as i need to think about preparing a lecture/presentation for the Tretyakov Gallery i had to cancel the first date due to family illness however they got back to me asking for a later date so we hope to go...finger prints and all for visa, you have to go to London for this!
I've only ever done a 10 min provocation, and though i like people and talking! i am not sure talking to people in that format is a strength, however good to try?! impressed by their mission statement.

I do want to get the work/ethos out there. I looked online and found lots of good centres/organisations nearly all just geared for one or two groups of people and not working together in equality. I love the sharing and the fact that many people have used Shallal constructively for their own art pathways/ careers and they are not 'disabled/labelled.'

Rory - Tate and USA solo show
The Unspeakable Rooms written by Alaric Sumner and performed by Rory McDermott, Battersea Arts Centre, London, 1998
Ziggy - back into music teaching
Caroline - now co-runs Inner Ground Dance co...
Marie Ann Green Possum - painting dancers
George - more performing and working with No Ordinary Theatre company
Star - improvised dance in Bowie Lounge
Demelza - exploring inclusive dance in Barcelona
Anna - Art diploma
Skye - Music diploma,
Zoe - Foundation Art

Then report/information needed for funders via Barbara, i am usually too impatient to sit easily and help compile the information, so glad to have Victoria to work with on this!

Then our new R&D to write up for application/s, writing applications is hard for the creative process as you go further then your creative self would like to, it anticipates the unknown sometimes it can be good as it drives you but other times you have to work hard to find it again, it's as if the idea/ creativity has been birthed/given away, too early.
There is less room for the quiet voice anymore and that is what art has to listen to.
"Dreaming and Scheming."

As someone who really enjoys process i have enjoyed "Only Artists" on Radio 4, when i have heard it. It's reassuring and comforting to hear about how people struggle and approach creative work.

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