Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Marjorie, Benefit, Shows...

What a time recently!
Too early maybe to give a full tribute to Marjorie 
but this message from Linda sums up our feelings:

"My love and condolences to all Zoe, family and friends and those of us in Shallal, I know everyone will be touched deeply by Marjorie's death she was such a lovely person, and we were all blessed to know her." 

It was blessed peaceful death but none of us wanted her to go!
It was a privilege to be there with Zoe and her brother Robert.

I've just listened to snippets of Walk upon Wonders songs on instagram. I have some wonderful photos of Marjorie and Skye who were good friends in Shallal and rehearsed and performed together.
So, Zoe sang to Marjorie 'Goodnight Sweetheart', one of Marjorie's favourite songs and i sang a prayer before we left and we went from the hospital to to Skye's benefit, more singing!

It raised £99! had audience of approx 35 constantly and about 50 throughout...thank you to everyone involved!

Which was a good place to shed some tears and see friends. What wonderful music! feel honoured and privileged to hear such good up and coming artists...and as we were leaving Zoe drew a portrait of Marjorie.

Zoe dedicates her art and dances to her father who died many years ago and has immediately started creating work in honour of her mother

So the next show is, Faces,  2 rehearsals left and some good ideas and tunes....brewing...

and i am writing this blog i need to fill in Russian visa forms, apparently the talk has been advertised now! Oh help! thankfully my dear brother has given me some advice about presentations?!
I have always wanted to write the 'truth' not the promotional advertising eg. "We are half way through rehearsals and hope it will go ok, come along to the finished show and see what you think!"
However here is Jo Lumbers beautifully, as ever, written press release for our ( currently half rehearsed, hope it will be ok, trust in the performers,) show...

Press Release for Shallal2 performance  ‘Faces’
Wednesday 28th March at Falmouth Art Gallery

Beards and bonnets, young and old!
Falmouth based performance group Shallal2 have created their latest show, entitled ‘Faces’, based on the many characters who currently grace the walls of Falmouth Art Gallery.

The gallery’s exhibition, ‘Faces of Cornwall’, displays a wonderful range of portraits by artists including Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy, plus automata by local makers Fi Henshall and Keith Newstead. Depictions of inventors Henry Trengrouse and Humphrey Davey sit alongside local characters Jack Rawling and Tuke’s housekeeper Mrs Foreacre.

Shallal2 have devised dance and drama pieces that explore the paintings and the people who feature in them.  This new work incorporates live and recorded music, spoken word plus an array of hats and moustaches!  The company is made of children and adults, with youngest member just three years old.

‘Faces’ will be performed at Falmouth Art Gallery on Wednesday 28th March at 6pm. All welcome and the performance is free.

and an end of project survey for Wheal Martyn..
and ...

St Agnes library show next Friday 23 March daytime...still awaiting timing!

Blackwater booked in....

and an email this week from dear Wolfgang.

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