Monday, 15 February 2016

Doorways Improvisations and Art workshop and links

Nice day Friday, revisiting Improvisations with George, (despite many people absent with colds),
i really like this simple piece with Toby and Annis and then Zoe joins them
visit from Dominic to discuss support with creative writing and then lovely Art workshop with John and Alessandra. Everyone produced good work with preparatory drawings and we have them to continue working on for the next few sessions.

Tina and Toby's work

Al, Peter and Zoe

Sam's in the middle

Anna and Lydia

Katie's patterns top right

Some interesting links:

From Elaine

From Roaming you can see Toby, Al and Sam in these photos

A class i am enjoying,
it takes me back to work i did alongside shadowing Wolfgang Stange, I went to Linda Hartley and Patricia Bardi's classes, on Body Mind centring etc.

Physical Postcards,  i went to a workshop with Lois Taylor, an interesting and engaging project

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