Saturday, 27 February 2016

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This would have been at the end of this blog but too important, do pass it on and sign it. Thank you to Laura Wild for passing it on to us.

Having worked with people who lived within all the units of Budock Hospital when i started, i have a deep gratitude and respect for those whose support and care for people who are vulnerable, ( family, staff, friends etc ) it makes all the difference to the quality of life for them and for us all, as we don't want to live in a society where people aren't properly cared for or supported.
"My brother is my life"

Also interesting, insightful, important, from Kneehigh's Mike Shepherd and including Anna Marie Murphy

and Holifield's Open Day March 4th

We're about to enter a busy phase with visits to new places in North and East Cornwall through Feast funding for Doorways. Inspired by last years research and residencies a small group are going to "pop up" and perform a short piece in different centres, not quite Always New, we won't have our musician, but Landscapes we will have the landscape of the music but unrehearsed for many pieces and so truly spontaneous and adapting to the space and people. New members Anna and Jonathan are joining us one day each, along with Zoe and Colin are our established members and Joseph also on one day.
We hope Colin's ankle is well on the mend for then!

Six hours of meetings in one day is my record so far! business, project management and trustees - all going well. Welcome to Rob Pickering helping us look for funds to keep smaller groups going and long term funding. Welcome to Victoria our new Doorways project 'co-ordinator' ( not quite sure what title she has yet) much needed, many thanks to all helping us along the way.

Yesterday Dominic Power came to add a perspective and experience to out writers corner, there was an enthusiastic huddle in that area. Rob and Victoria visited and Pep is helping us and bringing his trumpet next week. With no George we tried to concentrate on recorded pieces and i am about to look at the jigsaw of work we are creating. It seems only a few of the old original works will be used as we have moved on with new performers and new styles, and the nature of the work is it is built on the artists strengths and interests.

Exciting meetings this week with Jules ( theatre ) and Philip ( music ) and Patrick and Jane ( Back Lane West). Having concentrated on spontaneity in my work planning isn't my strength, but i am always learning?! It can sit with dreaming and scheming...

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