Thursday, 13 November 2014

great last night for Shallal Studio residency

The 31st October isn't the easiest night to get an audience but we were thrilled at the turn out for our Back Lane West celebration and sharing.
There are images and more information on:

and we are so pleased to say the excitement and joy of it all is mutual and they want us back!!

So watch out October 2015, artists keep your diaries clear and lots of excited planning about to happen. This last residency ran on "a wing and a prayer" as they say and enthusiasm, no-one was paid but with more supportive funding so much more could happen. I showed Demelza the garden down the lane where performances could sit in curious corners. Last night the town clock face was lit pink and the gardens were lit with blue and green lighting!

Stuart brought along work he and Eddie had done, it got great response and there are so many possibilities especially for installations and research with it, What is it? you ask and i can't explain, I need to ask Stuart to write it up for me, but it involves, film, green screens, back projection and interaction with dancers and backdrop and possibly music!! A possible Unlimited proposal i think.

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