Wednesday, 11 September 2013

rehearsal snaps for St Ives pop ups

New term with new faces, welcome to Joseph! ( in white t shirt) and Zoe,
so good to have Marjorie back with us and Trevor and Giles, who had transport issues towards the end of last term.
A few people away and Eleanor has left, we wish her well and we can all keep in touch through her housemates.

props, costume and not quite chaos, a good productive day! thank you to everyone

Kerry's costume...

Toby's original drawings 

Skye in a hat!

Katie as queen!

blurry but you can see the chair and some of the team
 There are 3 teams let loose in St Ives on the 20th and rehearsals this Friday in situ!
The pressure is on and Colin had a team in the studio on Monday finishing props, as ever will Toby make it! artists and deadlines are not the easiest combination but transformation happens at the last minute!
I can't speak, as i was up till the small hours rejigging postcard info. Jo L and in are in process.... when artists block hits you need to look at it and we are about to turn sideways i think, as ideas sound good but don't always come to reality there are more things than the mind, the heart and instincts, soul are always struggling to come through and be heard - we can't claim they do - but to make a space for the spirit and not to over prescribe! People/audience need to make their own relationship with works of art and art has it's own voice and needs to leave home! little morning lecture/pep talk/reminder to myself!


Skye - nearly in costume!

 another ...?
yet to be decorated
 trying to get a flattering photograph of everyone! i have put in 2 to try to be fair! this is the song and dance group! ....i'm looking forward to it and have to learn my words! great to have Trevor also with us....

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