Sunday, 11 August 2013


ipad snaps at PlayFest......
A colourful, engaging summer event in a lovely location, as it was the holidays we tried out taking a small mobile group,
Zoe, Skye, Toby, Daniela, Anna and myself..
I like the clarity of shape they all have in the photos, we did a range of work and as always you can't predict your audience or which pieces will work best, so always a good learning curve, fun to be part of such good event, and hope to be invited back as pop-ups could work very well within that environment.
Afterwards there was time for tea and chat and then I was off on the serious business of swimming and summer guests...we started a creative conversation - which can go on for hours - and Toby kindly continued it in an inspiring and interesting letter, for artists the questions of self expression, creativity, money/funding etc are nor easy to bring together and require a lot of thinking through. I'm still on that one and yes I should be writing a first stage bid. I suppose you could call the blog my warm up exercises!

photos from last piece What a Wonderful World, Anna signing 

Colin, Kerry and Trevor will be in St Ives today practising their stunts for the 20th!! Toby and Colin are busy 'making' through the summer break, and in answer to requests we may well at some point try a small summer school- we shall see. 
Andy has photos from New County Hall outreach, which we hope to see soon and on we go....loving getting to know the ipad and have found a small bid to apply to for the Studios. The creative exciting part can be when you read a fund/er and suddenly think that dream could happen, this could work! It would be to build up supportive visual artists who would come and skills share/mentor the Studio artists to help lift the glass ceiling we want to move! Like the seed of an idea for a summer school, it comes from both sides of the existing work, an offer from a local professional artist and tutor and from our vision for it !

In many things in life children are the best teachers and Luke has his own sketchbook on the ipad, he is far more experimental than i will ever be and I have just found these lovely drawings by our Russian (swimming) guests, aged 10 and 12 who were visiting with their grandmother (an old friend) they come from a family of artists and designers, and I am so glad they have kept some of their work in Luke's sketchbook

Luke, experimenting!

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