Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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Photo from Jo Mayes of Kerry, Colin and David at Mount Zion in St Ives!
(more towards the end of this blog)

Kerry who worked with Shallal many years ago has just been involved in an amazing project see below!
I am still trying to download the other beautiful photographs of her work.....described below...


Compulsion: St Clements Hospital

St Clements Hospital, London: 8-18 August 2013, 4pm–Sunset. A derelict East End psychiatric hospital and former workhouse is the venue for this exhibition curated by Miranda Housden. Eight artists have created site-specific work in the abandoned rooms and corridors.  The transformation of this historic building forms part of this summer’s Shuffle Festival, which includes theatre, poetry readings, and films curated by director and local resident, Danny Boyle.
St Clements Gallery
2a Bow Road
London E3 4LL

Exhibiting Artists:....
Kerry Lawrence’s delicate drawing Take me Home transforms the cell like Turret of Saint Clement’s into a crystaline lace haven made from Windolene. The toxic pink liquid is re-worked into threads of lace, paying homage to the painstaking craft which women and children were engaged in during their time in the Victorian workhouses. Take me Home refers to a longing to return – words taken from Lawrence’s relative who was once a patient at St Clement’s – it expresses the desire for healing and coming home.
- See more at:

Kerry's Windolene windows...

Shelley O'Berg who also worked in Shallal ( many years ago) was visiting this summer and suggested a summer school or reunion or ? that is a nice idea. It could be big or small but definitely worth thinking about and would be good to have something in the summer for those who miss it. After thoughts from Inclusivity days could fit into some of it?
I would like 2 days: one open, and one for current or past members to meet /play together.....

This looks interesting!

"Culture is society talking to itself"
Rabbi Lord Johnathan Sacks

So easing back into the swing of things with much to be done, and to look forward to....
First thing is a Studio tea party i hope....

Well a nice evening with Jo Lumber and Debs on Thursday, chatting around words and statistics and St Ives, and these photos followed, from summer practise for stunts with David Greeves and team for the 20th September:
Kerry roped and ready at Mt Zion!


Another interesting website to visit is from Laura Wild, we really miss working with her and she has consolidated her work developing;
Roaming Penzance (previously Breadline Art Group)  a new company - Roaming CIC

A Thank you to Genie Smart who has served and supported us as a trustee, we are really grateful for all she has given and will keep in touch. I am copying Terry's letter as he expresses it well for us all.

Dear Genie

Thank you for all you help and assistance as a trustee of Shallal.  You have been a tower of strength to Shallal and I know that I, and others within Shallal, will miss you tremendously. We all hope that the link remains and we will see you at future performances and events. You will always be welcome, as you are regarded as a true friend of Shallal by the company as a whole and personally by all those involved in Shallal, whatever their role.

We all wish you the very best for the future.


Terry Stanton

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