Sunday, 14 April 2013

Feedback from the last Inclusive Dance Theatre day

Despite not having the company of Access and Castaways Theatre companies, who were unable to make it at the last minute, we had a good, full and successful day. Thank you to everyone who has supported these days we have had a good mix of old and new faces, and the pleasure of working in such a wonderful space. 23 participants this time and 9 were under 16! which is promising for the ideal of inclusion in the future generations. (Members of 4 families were involved.)
Thanks to Debs and Colin for all their support and work.
Thanks to Feast
and The Performance Centre for enabling these days to happen.


Loved it!..have to say I enjoyed this day (out of the 3) the most. The size of the group was good; big enough to break off into smaller groups yet small enough to have full use of the space.
I LOVE working in this space; a real treat  wonderful to have such standard of facilties and lovely to have natural light. Jo's facilitation is fantastic -  I think the structure of many different exercises includes everyone and keeps everything fresh rather than labouring on one task for too long.
Good to work intensely when rehearsing for performance but these days should be about doing a lot of things. And we did! I think the gradual arrival of people in the previous day was a distraction to concentration and so today we were far more focussed. A GOOD GROUP!  Yet the others were too!!
Today had a good balance of mostly doing and partly viewing.

It was great fun
I really enjoyed the whole day
I really enjoyed meeting new people

Good rhythm, nice energy, interesting bunch of individuals, felt encouraged on the whole.
Good venue enough space to express yourself.

Excellent. Well worth it.

Wonderful for creating movement, and a treat to be a part of such an open group.

I really enjoyed it. Doing different shapes with different people. I found it challenging to do what I did with Colin crossing the room in front of everyone but enjoyed it, and I felt more confident after I did it. I really enjoyed the afternoon, it had more gentle movements, the morning was busy and hectic. I think we need to be better at improvisation and not doing the same things a lot. Good to make new friends. I really enjoyed the different songs and how to move.

An amazing day which I loved for myself. Also very touched in witnessing those who have learning disabilities and their individual decision making in the dance/acting. Enormously validating in me being able to be me - solo and in communication with others.
Excellent leadership and facilitation.

A nice relaxed time.
A totally safe enviroment with no judgement - felt free to be fully expressive with no boundaries

Very inspiring
         inclusive and welcoming
         relaxed in nice way
Didn’t quite get into the afternoon. Was a bit tired and achy and not so confident with acting and without music. But I enjoyed it anyway, but went more into an audience.
Defintely got a taste for more!

A wonderful day, I worked very hard. The dance was graphic and expressive. Learn a few new skills and  felt I improved on others I had.

It was good

really enjoyed it!

It was really good!

It was really fun

I was also passed on some interesting work inspired by Anna Halprin in America, and from that i have spent a nice bit of research time listening to Anna Halprin, now 93 - an inspiration, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ( Body Mind Centring )
from Continuum Movement : Moving Legends they are archival interviews, fascinating and dedicated work, both married with families and still working!

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