Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Last of our 3 Inclusive Dance/Theatre Days

Monday 8th April is the last of our Feast funded Inclusive Dance Theatre Workshops supported by the Performance Centre, Falmouth University.

Do come, they have been fun, entertaining, accessible and useful and have enabled people across the county of all ages and abilities with a love of dance and inclusion, to meet up and share skills and practise, led by Jo Willis from Shallal and Lauren Davey from Access and supported by experienced practitioners, Colin Curbishley and Debbie O'Nyons.

Working with people of different ages and physicality etc, challenges us, it develops our movement, increases empathy and understanding, creates exciting work, enables spontaneous work of depth and fun to be created from simple exercises. We work in light hearted but safe and structured way to enable everyone to access and join in at a comfortable but also challenging level for themselves.

It's happening elsewhere ( see link) as the need for inclusive skills is recognised

Come along and see how Shallal and Access work, meet company members, other artists etc...

following on from this is our;
Inclusivity dayhosted by The Performance Centre, Thursday June 13th.
Dance workshop 10am - 12pm with choreographer Mark Smith.
Mark is the founder and artistic director of an all-male dance company called Deaf Men Dancing. He choreographed the Paralympic Opening Ceremony 2012. http://marksmithproduction.com/index.html

followed by discussion and then an afternoon to explore inclusive practise funded by Feast, with support from Arts for Health and other local organisations.
contact us for more information, 

and more detail on our blog and website soon

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