Sunday, 3 February 2013

bits of feedback from recent events and some news

A little bit of lovely feedback from a busy time!
Thursday saw us at the Council Chambers! still receiving nice feedback..............

Dear Shallal
 Adult Care and Support would like to thank you and all your dancers for participating in ‘You Matter’ 2013. The performances were quite inspirational to us and the students.
 Evaluations that we have had returned are all positive and we have had many comments saying how fabulous everyone was and how the performances showed the students something that they had not seen before. Your theatre is a great example of inclusion and creativity at its best.
 We hopefully look forward to seeing you at the next event.
 Yours sincerely
 Kathy Pope
Acting Learning, Training & Development Manager (ACS)
Adult Care, Health & Wellbeing

and the Tea Dance with a difference...................

Saw Shallal dance today at the Redruth Community Tea Dance which was altogether wonderful…in every way!  You are all doing amazing work.
Best wishes
Rose Barnecut
Feast Director

Monday saw us at The Performance Centre. We started with 10 of us and flowered through the day, many people travelled from afar so we had staggered arrivals through out the morning particularly and i joked about how many circles we would have in the day, 8 - i think- anyway at the end of the day we had flowered to 53! of us.
I had bad "nerves," before it compounded by the almost inevitable couldn't at the last minute access the music i had chosen, searched out, i always loose my favourite music! part of the process...
oh the darned artistic process..i believe in the work, not myself!

Anyway we had a lovely day - thank you to everyone involved!! Castaways came from Penzance, Access Theatre from Launceston, including Thomas who we met many years ago on work experience, we would have loved to work with him and are very glad to hear he is working with Attik in Plymouth. A selection of people from Shallal main co and groups came, including some of the youngest 3 home educated 9 years old. Many people commented on how lovely it was to be in the Performance Centre, i love the floor.

I'll stop and let the work speak for itself;

"my awe at........ was a truly fantastic experience"

"Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday, we all really enjoyed it" Maria from Castaways

"Good fun, made to feel very welcome. Look forward to the next one."

"Excellent. Really good day."

"Loved it! Loved the variety of music/exercises/dynamics of changing pace/big groups, small groups, individuals within huge groups etc! Liked to hear Jo talking about her philosophy - in itself fascinating but also acts as a 'calmer'/bonding time/time to reflect and absorb and also silently engage with others( esp. important in such a large group where we do not know peoples physicality) Thought we worked really well together  - .." 

Nice meeting with Jo Mayes yesterday, hatching interesting summer plans in St Ives - will need to factor in swim time afterwards!-
and planning to be in Penzance Literary Festival this year.
And don't forget Fundraiser coming soon!

..... exciting news that this morning i received an email from choreographer Mark Smith;

who we hope some of us can to get to work with as part of our learning around British Sign Language, and working with people with hearing loss, there are now 5 members of the company learning BSL stage one!
 I had this wish over 15 years ago, as I couldn't communicate with Tom Lichy, Eileen's stepson - at that time young people/ children in Cornwall who were deaf or had hearing loss were not taught signing! and had to struggle to cope within main stream schooling! life is surely challenging enough for any teenager without being denied your main tool for communication and a whole culture...........

I tried to look up a piece of work i knew he created and found instead that there was quite a storm over an interview he had with John Humphrys on Radio 4 Today programme which was reported in most major newspapers, as it involved new IVF legislation and views on how we perceive people, all very emotive, important and interesting!
Some of the original transcript is here, as i don't want to post the newspaper articles as they all have their bias;

Hope to see you at the Fundraiser, thank you to all who are involved and contributing and to Jessie for organising it and to Sarah and Gyllyngdune Gardens for their continued support.
Shallal 2 are showing their first piece, a work in progress with open improvisation! come and support them and have a pleasant start to the week!

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