Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fundraiser, thanks and some links

A Big Thank You to Jessie, and to her support from Debs, Sarah, Lucy, Diana and all who worked so hard to make the Fundraiser such a success! It was, as always, lovely to see so many people all together. 
Thank you to the other dancers, Jessie Lobb, Ellie and Zennor who performed, to the film makers; Brett Harvey, Isaac Sakima, Rianne White and to Stuart on the guitar. Thank you to the artists, Zoe, Toby, Sam and Peter and for Andy's  photographs... and please forgive me if i've left anyone out, this may need to be altered! to acknowledge them!
( wishing Toby a wonderful time in Spain, we will miss him, but i am excited that he maybe taking one of our first Sketchbooks with him! so he can share some of his images on his return)

Thank you as always to our families, friends and supporters.

Well done to Shallal 2 for an excellent debut performance, I am really excited about our work together and to the style of work we are producing and exploring, everyone did really well.

Star, Tina and Kerry just got to the Fundraiser despite some major setbacks, thank you to everyone who helped!

As you know it was quite an adventure getting there after the accelerator cable snapped. 
Could you post thanks on the Shallal blog to Scott and Jason the 2 Camborne officers who were wonderful to us and to Andy ( Parker) who dropped everything to come and pick up Kerry and Tina to take them to Falmouth, and especially to Martin of the AA who went above and beyond to get the car repaired so that I could get to the performance in time....Star

shelter from the cold in the car

 photos from Star's phone

As an add on i found this link the other day and was very impressed..many people are attracted to working with us and some have many questions, the best people to answer are always the people themselves, however some of us are more articulate than others......descriptions change but our shared struggle and humanity don't, although the situations we live them out in can vary enormously to support us or not...


and Siobhan's description on  http://apexvoiceoutside.org.uk/siobhans-song/living-with-autism-by-siobhan/

Jean-Dominique Bauby.....  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Christy Brown......................  My left Foot
Christopher Nolan ................Under the Eye of the Clock

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