Sunday, 20 January 2013

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Diana said to me sometime ago that the blog is a place for me to use my voice. was going to be a conversation about Art and Anxiety, two close friends! As I had switched off so much over the holidays that it took a while to gear up to work again. However now back in, and have resolved my art and anxiety dialogue for now by treating it all as "Studio"; sometimes you arrive fully armed and focused, sometimes you don't know what will happen, but you come as part of your discipline and because you "trust the process" (not yourself) and believe in the collective creative and i am always surprised by the work.. ..
so sharing some snaps from last week..
Above Giles and Trevor decided to swing Duane! in Friends and Dancing.

main co snap shots, Andy visited so some lovely photographs coming soon, these are mine, as you can tell....
Trevor and Toby

warm up pile up! 

A pleasure to have George visiting us exploring improvised music, which everyone responds really well to, Flo has as a good sense of rhythm and was helping him!

So news for the coming week.
 Meeting with Jo Mayes re an exciting potential summer/autumn project.
 Meeting with people from the Library service exploring 2 new projects.
Possible start of Sketchbooks soon as an instillation idea for May 31st as pleased to have 2i's research and development project starting in February thanks to Grants for the Arts, and a private donation may get us our first lot of sketchbooks already eagerly awaited by Colin and Star and our household ( we've got the bug having just completed our sketchbooks for the we credit with this fantastic idea and they do lots more; letters, world meals see their website; )

Shallal outreach peformance at New County Hall, Truro.
We have been invited to Open the YouMatter event there on Thursday 24th January. Some of the performers will then be going onto a Tea Dance in Redruth funded by Feast  ( they have no choice, Colin is driving the minibus) should be a lovely afternoon.

Shallal 2 are busy working on a piece for the Fundraiser on February 11th.

A big thank you to Tina Cockett for kindly running a session about Dance Therapy looking at similarities /differences /use of props /warm up /holding the space etc. This allows some of us involved in running/supporting sessions to have some in house skills sharing and training, we have so many diverse and skilled people within Shallal at the moment so we hope to continue with some other  sessions through the winter.

Thank you also to Barbara Santi for copies of the show at the Acorn and fantastic short films created from Dooways that she has given to the company members.

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