Thursday, 24 January 2013

A little thank you and some chat

I have often paid tribute to and acknowledged my gratitude to Wolfgang and as I now sit writing (blooming) bids, evaluations, having meetings, establishing partnerships, etc i would like to thank all those who helped me acquire the limited skills, but very increased understanding of the funding world, which i have acquired quite painfully over the last 3 or more years!
Thank you for their patience with me and their belief in Shallal; particularly Barbara Santi, Dot Peryer and The Works- Sarah Pym, and our administrator and trustees, who have had to re translate my ideas and my nearly non existent punctuation and grammer!
Everyone who works under Shallal's umbrella now has to gain skills to access funding for their groups, and there is more competition now, but we are still here, and thank you to all our collaborators, past managers, trustees and friends who have helped us get to this point.
And also all the people who attend our groups and perform in the main company without them, i would have given up years ago!
Ok so now on with work, home and trying not to tangle the threads of my life too much!

Oh and big thank you to Eileen Herzberg ( an old friend and member of Shallal, who our show Mind the Gap was dedicated to ) who's legacy enabled me to work through hard times and buy a mac book which changed my working life, i no longer had to negotiate with the family to go on the computer and i had a tool i could i now wander downstairs  to my desk corner, dressed for the office! and work for 2 hours before the house; children, chickens and husband wake up.

A big thank you to Kathy Pope who invited us to open You matter......make a difference, a social care student information event at New County Hall yesterday.
Everyone met the challenge of the space (the Council chambers) and close proximity of the audience with real professionalism, and produced lovely work. Some of the pieces performed will stay in our outreach repertoire and some are nearly over, as in February we start our next project, 2i's improvisation and installation. A research and development project inspired by ideas we wish to develop from the Doorways project and the Studios and old and new skills within the company.
One of the aims is to be able to develop small more mobile performance groups eg 4-5 performers to do pop ups and small outreach improvisations, on themes such as poetry with dance and song.

Anyway to end with verbal feedback i recieved from yesterday;

"Thank you very much. Very moving, incredibly moving."

"Loved the crows, anarchy in the council chambers, and the rest of it, all of it.  It's got soul."

Oh and welcome to Tom While and his team as they come to make a short documentary about our devising process, and a quick plug for the Inclusive Dance Theatre days, next one on Monday and more of Access Theatre and Castaways theatre plan to join us, we look forward to working together. Everyone welcome. Studio C at the Performance Centre is large and lovely to work in and they are very hospitable. ( more info on our website )

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