Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Christmas

Will this be the final holidays blog?

Well today i hope to go and enjoy the Tea Dance in Penzance this afternoon.

 I found some old photos to end the year with, Snapshots below ....

but if Andy or Jem come up with recent Doorways photos i may have to blog them.....however we all need a break even from a good thing, time to recharge .....

A chance to share a nice email from Terry Stanton our chair person; 

"I just wanted to say thank you to .. all the other performers for a wonderful experience that got better every time I watched. On each occasion I saw something different. I loved it and watching each performance reaffirms my commitment as to why I am involved in and with Shallal. I know I've talked about family before but that's what Shallal it is for me, its more than just the performance. Friday ( Doorways at UCF) was the Shallal equivalent of Christmas Day, with all the family gathering and enjoying each others company; for the sheer joy of being together, each of us bringing the gift of ourselves and our friendship.

It was also good also to see some new faces in the main company, each person adding a new dimension in their movement and character.

......... please pass my thanks to all involved in the performance. I look forward to 2013 to see what the next theme will be and where it will take us.
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year
Best wishes to you and your families."

Terry Stanton

we are very grateful to Terry and all our you can see from below he is very busy!

Projects and Services
Volunteer Cornwall
CaSS - Community and Support Service.
Cornwall Council Learning Disabilities
(Partners in Changing Lives - shaping services around individuals & communities)

Snapshots: a nice funding meeting....
The nearest we get to an office! we all laughed at all the laptops! kitchen table meetings, the only sort..
with tea and cake!
A busy day when forward plans were hatched in the morning with Barbara (left) and Rory, building on a company feedback session. Laura ( right ) came in the afternoon to finish a Studios bid.
 Luke is clearly better on laptops than me, as he is 5 ( 4 in photo).
Peter is my supportive and very long suffering husband- fortunately we worked together in a weekly dance /movement group for people with high support needs for many years, many years ago! so he understands it all - and my approach to creating work is very much based on watching him paint
( abstract painting in background ) so a chance to Thank him for all his support for all these years!
  Some of the main company;
i may have blogged this before! but you can see our faces, unlike the next one!
 All of us including backstage, new faces etc;
i know it's blurred... sorry... i am still so fed up it moved, (wrong shutter speed, our friend has analysed) but, wanted to just show it... play "try to spot the person," if you know us..i think we were all there that day, which is why i'm so attached to this blurred photo!- we have grown recently. New Year resolution - to get a clear photos of us all.

Colin, Tina, Toby, Star, Elaine, Tina, Arran, Skye, Sam, Duane, Eleanor, Daniela, Michael, Katie, Lauren, Rory, me, Trevor, Kerry, Demelza, Katherine, Jessie and Flo, Marjorie, Elaine, Katie, Debs, Anna, Ollie, Giles, Lydia, Zoe....

Sammy is back helping us when she can.

Thanks to Diana, and all our partners and supporters, especially Barbara Santi, Andy Parker, Rory - for all the extra time he's given,  Colin at the Acorn, Lucy" Lights", Dot, UCF and the old and new people in Shallal 2 and all the groups.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

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