Sunday, 16 December 2012

Andy rehearsal photos 9th Dec

I will blog soon about the show which went well and we have some interesting and insightful reviews from our audience. Yesterday was our Christmas Tea Party. Andy passed me some photos on Friday night, so this sleepy morning at home, with toooo many laptops on the table, Nigel, friend /writer /photographer, Mary back from university and Anna - who likes some of the new photos and Michael on ipad! I thought i'd join in and look at them, many to choose from..... but here's a selection!
i am so indecisive! so there are lot more, but this is done quickly...

kicking Colin..warm up beginning, hard to stop everyone chatting!

Colin and Giles

the girls!
Demelza, Anna, Ollie, Skye

Katie is trying out with us and she and Debs have worked before in Penryn group

Lydia has recently joined us and is Eleanor's house mate

giggles again
Debs, Kerry and Star


Duane in flight!

followed by Sam!

giggles again Duane made Zoe laugh!

I am really pleased with how Anna and Skye, 12 and 13,  have progressed and developed their work over the past 2 years, many children loose their spontanaeity and become too self concious, and they have successfully made the transition into the next phase of dance and performance, broadening and strengthening their work as they grow up.

floating off the floor!

Zoe gets a chance to stand in and use the white veils.

Demelza who has recently joined us, with Giles

Katherine and Duane

next day;
also whilst having a break from work..researched a contact Laura gave me some time ago...
epic arts
worth a look !

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