Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Picnic and more

So, end of a season, the Shallal Summer Picnic was yesterday and the sun smiled and so did we, lovely to have time together to talk, relax, catch up with each others friends and family.

Tomorrow thanks to Kneehigh's Connections Programme most of the main company and artists will be at The Asylum watching their new show Steptoe and Son.

This week Debs and Sally are busy writing a new bid for Creative writing and trips to lovely places, more if it comes to fruition but a beautiful and unusual idea.

Tomorrow Laura and I have a meeting confirming use of our new Shallal Studio! and projects perculating in the pipeline around this.

Wednesday Barbara, Rory and i look at forming one of our next big bids and encapsualting and expanding the creative work in the main company into next year.

Thursday morning i go to a meeting about new funding for Friends and Dancing from the Peoples Health Trust.

Andy Parker, photographer and I are eventually meeting to talk, rather than snatching exciting conversations at other times, to formulate how to get to where we want to go, a bit like planning a trip when you are in love with the destination, but need to budget and plan the route.

Diana ( admin/office) and i met the other day and i decided good admin is like good housekeeping; everyone walks into a clean and tidy house and takes it for granted as, they have been out all day and have no sense of the effort required to keep it in that order!

The end of the week I hope to go to The Pearl Centre Autism Conference at UCF.

So a busy week trying to tie up ends but i'm sure just creating more!

Thank you to all our funders and partners this term, it has made a productive innovative and exciting term, and thank you to all involved at every level from support to performance.

 ps. we forget to blog about the Garden Party! but it was impressive in it's community emphasis and a treat and fun - thank you! Colin and i were invited and had as our guests Peter and Terry.

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