Saturday, 7 July 2012

snapshots Godolphin 7th July

Having taken "backstage" shots at Mousehole, at Godolphin I took a few snaps of 2pm performance
Again it poured with rain in the night, was damp drizzle when we arrived and dry for each performance.
Anna commented it was her "favourite piece so far".
(It was also Stephanie's birthday, who did work experience with us, she came to see the 2pm performance- congratulations to her for a 1st for her degree. She is currently helping us with design work.)
All the company did really well and someone commented on their multi talents.
Thanks to everyone, and to Tina who supported us, and Olie who is doing backstage for us now - 
it makes such a difference.


Star and Giles 

Olie, Andy( photographer), and Roger (composer)

Next; Doorways goes indoors for the autumn, The Acorn Theatre. Penzance 5th October, then Launceston Town Hall, a matinee, and finishing at The Performance Centre.
So drawing up plans for these, catching up with everyone before August break, and researching next year's plans and applications, much to be done, but big thank you to everyone in the company for these 3 shows, and all guest artists, and host venues, for making this such a rich experience. 

Outdoor venues aren't the easiest for collecting written feedback, but here's some from film maker Barbara Santi after this; "
Thank you Jo for another amazing Shallal experience. Loved it. So did Chris - we're such big fans." 

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