Sunday, 30 October 2011

Zoe's poem

A poem written by Zoe in the Art session last time.
Posted for Roger Pinsent (composer) to read and see if it could be set to music, as i can't find another of hers - i need to keep looking - this one deserves to be read aloud and is remarkable for it's colour imagery, and linking visual sounds and images. I think it probably works better alone and will continue to look for Zoe's other poem someone else had started on and need to show Roger our poetry portfolio etc.
Many years ago Jamie Brown wrote am amazing poem Roger set to music.

                                                       summer  sun
    Rising sun shining round, yellow orange behind
                 Dark brown castle, sitting top of calm 
                     Water’s cave, warm is a Hot like  
                                   Sunny day 
                 Come out where cat’s purring gazey 
                  and girls playing furry fur warm 
                         cosy cats  round ? round 
                       running from Hanging sun
                          Drop  Drop  blue will be 
                          brown to peace yellow 
                               shining Bright
                          silver sun, cooling Red
             Sun up! Bright High Pearl is a Pearl cat 

                    Where the sun speaking calling 
                                sticking boy’s 
                     Acting in the dark ages behind 
                        inside St Michael’s Mount 
                       very brown he in so bright
                     shining bright as sun set setting 
                              Drop! Drop sun 
                 Bollard holding hunting yellow 
                     The Hot speak fire ball Birds 
                              flying catching 
                               How coloured 
                            will show the sun 
                            Holding rising sun 
                              shining all day 
                                 midnight  call
                             mid Drift  rising sun 
by Zoe Wilton 

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