Sunday, 16 October 2011

Kerry and Thursday's Art and Music

There is often wonderful news and progress to share and last Friday we celebrated how upright Kerry is now.
Kerry and Linda have worked really hard together in the warm ups in the main company. Kerry is dedicated in her commitment to dance and when Open House was running she was able to dance 3 times a week.
Linda and Kerry

 Kerry now works with everyone in the company with increased physical confidence, she and Sam are developing a powerful short duet. She takes risks and adds an amazing intensity, absorption and concentration to many pieces of performance. Kerry has her own story to tell and maybe one day she will put some of it on the blog.

last Thursday Candy came to The Penryn group to start exploring art with us, here are 2 of the many pieces produced, expressing the movement/colour rhythm etc. I am excited by it and looking forward to how it all progresses.
Tallulah's drawing

Carly's painting 
This Thursday we add an artist/musician to our exploratory collaborations. Jamie has worked with this group before and we hope to look at an old unfinished piece using rhythm and a wall, we shall see how it transposes to this new space as it was part of our playing against a wonderful big wall at the Z shed.
Carol and Jamie at Falmouth Art Gallery
Jamie has gone on to do wonderful collaborations with Stella Azzurra ( and Sarah Jarvis ( dance artists.

Jamie Mills is an interdisciplinary artist and musician. His visual work and largely improvised music is an exploration into internal/external dialogues surrounding a sense of place, landscape and experience (

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