Tuesday, 27 September 2011

some news

Company update:
Star and Trevor have joined us this term.
Toby and Trevor, Star with Kerry and Zoe
Katie is on an Art and Design course at college this year ,we hope to see her when we work other days.        Tina has moved on to other things and we wish her well.
Carly can't make Fridays but still comes to 2 groups a week; Friends and Dancing and Penryn Improvisation and Performance group.

I hope this will inspire me to develop more performances and opportunities for the Penryn group, which started in it's inspiring new home last week, with some new faces.

A plug for Kim's exciting project.....http://powow-projectoperaworksforolderwomen.blogspot.com.

The art in the afternoon with some of the main company is a lovely quiet way to end the week and ease into the weekend. It has so much potential, and the group that stay are holding the creative space with their inspiration and ideas. This last week saw Eddie working on a self portrait, Zoe on a film idea, and Toby has been bringing in exercises and sharing his approach and ways of working.

               Snap shots from art with some of the main company last week.
Michael painting a hand sculpture
Zoe planning her film work
Zoe immersed in her ideas and planning
Eddie working on a self portrait, from a photograph from the last show.
Eddie's blog....http://ecool1992.blogspot.com
Falmouth Polytechnic
An inspiring and encouraging conversation with Ciaran from Falmouth Poly yesterday, so open to the  community and the arts, wonderful to see such enthusiasm and the Poly back in the heart of the Falmouth community. We hope we can develop work there and only await their access impovements.

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