Friday, 2 September 2011

end of the holidays ?!

Marjorie and Zoe

Zoe, Kerry, Linda and Marjorie
 Well, still working to avoid work and blogging! but this is more a slight celebration as have just nearly finished an application that interrupted my short holidays, which is my excuse for the family photo!
 beginning to see my personnal pitfalls with writing more clearly..and enjoying the clarity to organising events bid writing can bring,
 even if unsuccessful with the money side there is normally something one can salvage from the process and feed into the creative world, and new or extending creative relationships, which is my main priority being by description a facilitator and artistic director, not fund raiser or bid writer! 

Looking forward to our Art afternoons this coming term! 
Well, it's very near the end of the holidays and this is our dog Polly, with Anna and Luke (who both still attend Shallal, so they can be on our blog! though Luke only attends occassionally now he can talk!! ) they are running over the brow of a favourite hill by the Helford.

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