Friday, 22 July 2011

Good news

Well after my sustainable partnerships blurb.

Good news yesterday that the Woodward trust have given us money for the next 2 terms to develop work in the Penryn Improvisation and Performance group, with 3 visiting artists, a musician, composer and visual artist.

A meeting with Adrian at UCF today led to more good news, this time regular space for the Penryn group in a studio at The Performance Centre...a sustainable partnership!! with the group being open to any UCF students to attend and gain experience, develop ideas within inclusive community collaborative work.

So all good news, and booking in to use their performance space to film Chromatic with Barbara Santi, our aim with another potential bid is to create a short film piece from it to go in exhibitions, there is potential to involve students and possibly do something i’d thought of ages ago which would be to perform something and let a few people/teams film it and then see what each edits from it into a short 2 or 3 min film.

             So a nice start to the holidays, which will still be taken up with bid writing, but in a slightly happier optimistic frame of mind thanks to Adrian at UCF and the Woodward trust.
Shallal picnic, (cream tea theme) today, hope the sun shines, some new faces coming to meet the company, the fun of being together with our families and friends; it is always snatched socialising at other times and this is a nice unwind after a busy term with old friends coming such as Terri and Sophie .....and i’d better go and get ready!

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