Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Chromatic and Friends and Dancing

Well we did it. Thank you to everyone at The Performance Centre. 
What a treat wonderful sound, lights and space, dance floor etc. After Chromatic in art galleries and various out reach venues it was lovely to have a theatrical space to finish with. 
Next term, dependent on funding, we hope to make a short film from it. 
We are really grateful to Steve Tanner for coming to photograph the dress rehearsal for us (as a gift) and for Aga for being our audience! 

We have had some wonderful feedback;
“What a brilliant and inspiring show. Thank you everybody.”

Sadly we didn’t manage to film it, our camera is in need of repair which we can’t afford.
Skye and Zoe in Contrapunctus

Michael in the finale 

Katie around the sculpture in intro, thanks to her mum Zoe for the pictures 
But we will post photographs as they come.
We are busy trying to survive into next term, this is our 3rd summer in this state, we are still here just and everything is blooming apart from finances so on we go.

New members waiting in the wings for main company in September , a professional dance teacher and man with downs syndrome and dementia, which just about sums up Shallal, and the ground where we all meet! Also Sophie wanting to return if college timetable lets her and Elaine coming back. I’ve written it before but Shallal is rich because of the people and all that they bring to it. 
Sponsored Dance ends a successful term for Friends and Dancing today, and we have had many new members this term, people who are really pleased to find friends and something positive to do in their local community. We have much to build on and hope to grow something like the main company in this area over time as there is a lot of talent and enthusiasm. We hope to have a benefit for them before Christmas.

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