Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I am wanting to start a discussion about wonderful, interesting, inspiring, quirky Doorways, saw this one driving home the other day and well known to me from childhood - although the shell house in the gardens was more interesting at toddler age! We lived in Gyllngvase Terrace in my grandmother's house, till I was 7.
photo George Pritchard
The gardens are in the midst of being renovated....very exciting..

Granite arch at Gyllngdune gardens by George Pritchard
when talking to an old friend the other day she waxed lyrical and poetic about doorways, symobically poetically...wish i'd written it down but driving at the time...towards Penwith "doorway to the Atlantic"!
 She then went on to describe an amazing doorway in New Zealand and I thought how wonderful it would be to send/collect photos of doorways people have seen world wide......this idea was inspired by TIDE in Teignmouth and their community engagement exhibitions;
Then had a lovely chat with Barbara Santi,,
who suggested doing this on the blog, so any lovely feedback re Doorways welcome and gratefuly received!

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