Friday, 24 June 2011

snapshots from the week.. Wednesday and Thursday

in the corridor in the interval on Wednesday
Guests at the Truro Gateway Variety Show.
We couldn't see it, but Anne said it looked good on the stage. Shallal performed 4 pieces from Chromatic. It was a lovely atmosphere with lots of old friends, as there were on Thursday night.
The proceeds from the evening are shared some going to the charity Dreamflight and some to Shallal.

Thursday, full show with Bach extras, wonderful live music, and Alan with us, it was lovely to be back on home territory with old friends and supporters in the audience. Thank you to Tim for enabling this, and to everyone who helped, especially Ian While for beautiful lighting produced at the last minute.
( We survive at present on a shoestring but what can be done with a full budget is amazing, it provides a rightful frame for the picture, which is the hard work and talent of the company.)
Proceeds from this event go to Cornwall Music Therapy Trust

And please do pass on a great big “THANK YOU” to all the cast - everyone I’ve spoken to really enjoyed the show on Thursday....... I thought there was a really attractive blend of beauty, humour, touching moments and a bit of general mayhem........ which added up to a really enjoyable show. ........... I really enjoyed playing in the Mothers and Daughters – there is something very special about playing with dancers.............
 .... we will have raised at least £900 (over the 3 concerts) to support Music Therapy and significantly increased awareness about the provision in Penzance.  Thank you all so much for helping make this possible.
Tim Boulton

Invitation to the Dance
The music starts.
I am a child again,
Round and round I go
Giddy on tippitoes.
My father plays for me,
Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky,
I can do them all!
I am a famous ballerina,
Fonteyn, Markova,
All the names are mine.
Life got in the way,
I didn’t make the grade.
Last night, Shallal, when you danced
I felt my heart leap
And awaken.
I am old now,
The world judges and discards.
But the heart has a stronger muscle
Than my limbs,
So, please, take my hand
And lead me to the dance.
24th June 2011
Elaine Stammers

Elaine sent me the poem this morning, she came on Thursday and used to be in Shallal, and having watched the dance plans to return soon! 
Elaine wrote some of the most powerful and beautiful poetry we have used, we are looking forward to her return.

Anyway thank you to everyone on Thursday.

Next stop The Performance Centre on the 8th July, free entry to this Community Platform event, and Chromatic for the first time in a theatre with all the art work and props on show, a fitting end to the season.

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