Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Paramenters for improv/ musings for exhibition selection/welcome to Jerry Drew

Parameters suggestions for Open Improv and performance

refining the second 3

3 instructions:

Do your own thing
Working with others 
Be still

3 more for performance /events

Exit? - when you don't know what to do leave the 'stage'
Support others - if/when needed
Bigger Picture - what does it look like/what are you adding?

So here we are, last Embodied Space in this project, but not in our future repertoire as this is the way i and many of the performers love to work!

Lou reminded me of the wider conversation which has been percolating underneath but now needs a light shone on it to help discussion, comment, observation, feedback, sharing with this approach with our peer group.
Also delving into immersive experience, which we can't do all the time as a small space this time, but will invite audience if they would like to come in in the second half.

Good comment from (our project dance artist mentor) Harry Theaker with Colin now pursing the idea of Facebook streaming.

Such a good team these days sitting round the table ( yesterday was our business meeting) with Phoebe joining us (and Hennie our chairperson)
to Jerry Drew our new business manager! hurray

Always the unexpected last minute curved ball dear Robins film files crashed - he is now working in South Africa with sharks! - the files didn't send overnight so now it says 50 hours remaining as we all know that's not accurate but it does mean a LONG time and i'm out today with Phoebe
choosing work and arranging it ready for Colin to hang tomorrow, might whats app my brother and see if he can help me understand how to keep it going!

Collecting Josephs paintings today! he has been working on them every Friday with his grandfather who is a St Ives artist supporting him, he and i are very excited for this.
I framed one of Josephs drawings he gave Peter this Christmas and Eddie sold a painting yesterday at Falmouth Art Gallery and we have plans for Janet and Peter and all to be discussed after the weekend.

The exhibition will be diverse full of colour and worth a visit!

Oops and rushing past the printers to collect 4 Welcome to JerryDrew photos of Anna's early this morning...

magenta light BLW 

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