Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Groups and Blue Light day

Really pleased to have Thomas with us now, he has had a great career so far in dance http://farflungdancetheatre.co.uk/ and we met him when he visited Shallal Dance Theatre on work experience many years ago, since then we kept bumping into each other and last year at the Blue Light Day we discussed his coming along and now he is with us every Thursday at The Liskeard group http://www.shallal.org.uk/out-there-liskeard-community-group.html

The Liskeard group is currently 'small and beautiful', every group determines its personality by character and preferences of the participants.
Sadly i can't be with Alice, Lois and Tom tomorrow (but am not there for a good reason as we have visitor from a potential charity funder to Friends and Dancing, who are practicing for their Sharing next week 11.30am Wednesday in the dance studio at the Dracaena Centre, Falmouth, everyone welcome - free )

So do get along to see 'Out There' if you can, as they work in an exciting choreographic open improv style. Alice is a natural and Tom and Lois have a lot of experience and know each other well, all of which adds to the show 3 new pieces of work!
photos on FB ttps://www.facebook.com/ShallalDanceTheatreCompany

Miles and Barry portraits... we are enjoying having Barry share his expertise with us in the Express Yourself session before Friends and Dancing
Wednesday morning
Shallal 2, Wednesday evening warm up exercises in 3's
this group is a progression from Friends and Dancing with performance opportunities and a more mixed group it's time allows families to attend. There are currently 3- 4 families attending!

Luke's foot

 'Out There', lovely floor, light space Thursday mornings Liskeard
floor warm up

I don't have a photo for Open House Penzance which is also on Thursday morning at The Acorn Penzance. However i met a delightful man on a trolley in A&E in the springtime who had been to Open House Penzance and waxed lyrical - he was Irish - about the group and how much he had enjoyed it and it had helped his movement  - he had acute and chronic health.

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