Thursday, 11 January 2018

48 hours of busyness and fun!

An intense 48 hours about to start! Get in at AMATA is 9.30am get out about 10pm!
Tomorrow sees our exhibition at Helston Museum Gallery a chance to see and enjoy close up a selection of the art work created through the project, as well as Shallal Sketchbooks there are now over 90 of them!
And the joy of listening: searching for music we invited George ( Shallal Dance Theatre's resident musician) who we know so well and Frazer ( his wife and 2 daughters attend Shallal 2) who we hope to work more with, to improvise together.
It should be a delightful event and a nice wind down after the busyness and adrenalin of a big show.

As usual, last minute changes with Brian and Kerry ( performers) and Linda ( back stage) unable to come...however people step in and support each other.....

In the background bids being written and book being edited and a useful conversation with Kirsty Cotton from HFC.

And i recently read an interview with Wolfgang, who i shadowed over 30 years ago! which helps put everything into perspective! AMICI have an Open Workshop

Last thing.
I was unwell yesterday and while resting received a lovely phone call from 'Possum' Mary Anne Green, who many years ago came and painted at Shallal for some months, creating wonderful paintings. She has a film of working with dancer Caroline Schanche who also performed, made costume and film in Shallal many years ago.....



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