Sunday, 8 January 2017

First week back and Footprints Private view

First week back after the holidays.
A fantastic Sponsored Dance thank you to all who supported it, and "See you soon, we miss you" to all who were ill and unable to come.
We danced on through the five hours, helped by some good tunes and fun. Already we have raised approx £150 and much more to come in, this time our need is for our Community groups.
The last dancers left had a well earned cup of tea and chatted with Dr David Cox, our potential next new trustee.
As often i wonder artistically "What i am doing?" and was overwhelmed and reassured by the quality of work i saw at Footprints Private View. I had had nothing to do it with it, except enable the time and space for the artists and some wonderful work was shown, even though it was 'work in progress' when the artists are so comfortable in the realm of spontaneous work the standard is high.
I am about to upload the images to our Shallal Facebook and Studios blog and Lou filmed a lot of it so hopefully there will be other records and all of it will be there in some form or other at Doorways July 14 Falmouth Library.
We may need to change the title.
This week i start some voluntary sessions with Flushing School, ( where Luke goes to school) i am excited to work with youngsters and although it is themed, the theme is open and fun, "Back to the Future" we can play with space and time! and i will learn a lot!
Liskeard starts again and the rehearsals intensify for Shallal 2 and Shallal Dance Theatre we will identify all we have and start the second stage expansion of work.

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