Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas News

We round off the year with Shallal Dance Theatre informal Christmas Party tomorrow and yesterday saw Express Yourself's ( EY) Christmas Sharing and Zoe and George at St Johns Hall, Penzance dancing for 80 Cornwall council workers.....

I heard great things of Express Yourself and was sorry not to be there but had seen some of the work earlier in rehearsal.

Yesterday morning while last minute searching for music for Zoe, i thought of George and thankfully he was able to come which made a more exciting combination, our slot was reduced from 20 mins to 10 they were running late, so very glad to go but also glad not to have brought more people....
we now have a minimum combination 3 of us up to our 30! and all in between, i have just finished Pop Ups report and though i struggle to write and answer criteria it was good to re-reflect on it all - a really simple and effective project.

Have written late to invite our visiting/guest artists this year to our Christmas Party - thanks to Doorways funding - we have had a rich input of many art forms and are very grateful.

Also really good AGM recently so a time to Thank everyone who makes it all possible!

Oh and pick up your Shallal Sketchbook from Falmouth Art Gallery and settle down to fill it over the Christmas Holidays
for an exhibition in Falmouth Art Gallery in February!

Fun to be working with Victoria and Lou on developing it and
lovely to hand on ideas, groups and see them flower: Colin at EY and Victoria with the Sketchbooks! Thank you to them both.

new red dress works well

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