Sunday, 3 April 2016

Inside Out.....

I'm tidying up to go away and someone just asked me what inspired me, so the usual ones, and then i thought about that whole time of changing what i did, and remember living with Mike and Muzz ( Marie) and going to see performance work with Mike that influenced me.
Not easy to forget a 40 min ( or felt like it) piece with just a mime artist, a spoon and a chair.
 I am easily amused and entertained by life and Suzi, Mike's sister, came to stay 5 years ago and showed me what they do now, as last i heard they moved back to Muzz's home country New Zealand and Mike had been in a film shown at Cannes Film Festival.....

I was on their website and read this:

Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework within which the problems were created.

Albert Einstein

which i think is very appropriate when remembering the way people with additional needs were / can be treated...

Their website is

about them on 

I have no photos from that time, early 80's, but many wonderful zany images of them in my memories and it would take more than this small blog entry to do them credit. We lived in 2 colourful houses of characters and artists in North East London. They were performing their first show while my brother and his now wife had just met and were learning to scuba dive, it's interesting to see where people get to, end up doing when they follow their passions, joy and gifts.

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