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Private View Tuesday 2pm - 3.30pm 19th January.

Private View on Tuesday 2pm - 3.30pm 19th January
Falmouth Art Gallery

We are delighted to invite you to a private view of artwork by artists from Shallal Studios and Falcare. The work is currently on exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery in the community space and the private view will be from 2pm to 3.30pm on Tuesday 19th January.
During 2015 Falmouth Art Gallery funded creative work with Falcare and Shallal Studios and the exhibition is the result of this work. 

Shallal Studios
Shallal Studios is part of Cornish charity Shallal and is an inclusive group of artists who enjoy working together and supporting each other.
During summer 2015 Shallal Studios was lucky enough to be awarded a three month residency at Porthmeor Studios in St Ives. This meant that Shallal artists, as well as lots of new artists, could come in whenever they wanted, get to know each other and share studio practice. Thanks to fantastic funding and generous donors we had plenty of inspiring art materials enabling artists to explore new mediums and ways of working.  We also offered free transport to artists who otherwise couldn’t have come. The Shallal Studios work in this exhibition was all made at Porthmeor during the residency.
Please visit and our Porthmeor blog .
Falcare is a non-profit company in Falmouth that supports people with learning disabilities. Little Parc Owles Trust funding has enabled Falmouth Art Gallery to stage an exciting artist lead project with Falcare and creative practitioner Laura Menzies, making work that celebrated the iconic Porthmeor Studios and its artists (historic and contemporary). The group also visited the studios in St Ives and meet some of the artists working there which was a hugely inspiring experience.
Throughout the project individuals participated in individual and group activities, that allowed them to develop, explore and evolve their creative practices at their own pace. As well as learning new art disciplines, the activities were also designed to support the development of transferable life skills.
For directions to the gallery please visit .
We hope you will be able to join us on Tuesday.

 Lou Brett, Shallal Studios
Laura Menzies, Falcare
I have seen the exhibition and it is really nice to look back at work from the Porthmeor residency, it is only smaller work so not representative of all that was created but fantastic to see. If you can't make the private view pop into the gallery, it's open every day except Sunday, and the work is hung around the stairs and landing.
Also to have the opportunity to exhibit with Falcare - long standing friends - who support and make up so much of Express Yourself on Wednesdays. I stood in for Debs this week and it is always a pleasure to see how people have moved on and flourished within the project! Many thanks to Colin and his multi talented efforts and Debs vision. They are busy creating yet another show and their work is flourishing, as work does with good support and regular opportunity, not to mention friendships and David and Esme's wedding next year!! Thy face a time of evaluation and discussion as the wonderful funding from People's Health Trust comes to an end next month and they move onto their next phase/inspiration.
Everyone has done so well but I want to mention Andrew and his joy and independence in the sessions and Hayley now so confident and showing her full talent that we always knew was there but had to coax out.

Shallal 2 
Many people ill and unavailable this week and only 4 dancers, 2 of them under par but wanting to be there, and yet 4 new pieces of work created, 13mins of really good performance standard work! Just from exploration and having fun.
They hope to show Winter Mixture again before Spring!
My challenge apart from the sessions is to present and show such good work in the right spaces/opportunities.
Jonathan 40 this week
more birthdays to celebrate: 40 for Jonathan and apparently Trevor is now 75 ( not 76 ).

I am procrastinating as one does before serious work/rehearsals and so here's hoping, I am always intrigued by the creative process.
And off to the Godolphin House tomorrow morning with 2 young dancers and Belinda to experiment, we will go whatever the weather, unless it snows!
Last ramble: i spoke with Anne a historian from the Friends of Godolphin this week and within one phonecall heard so many colourful and fascinating tales, we look forward to her talk.
Sponsored dance has already made over £100 thank you to everyone for their efforts and support it was fun and a good way to get back into the new year.

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