Friday, 23 November 2012


So here we are  back from our forray to the near borders, on the way there Lauren said she'd never been to Launceston and Lucy ( Lights)  who has spent the last seven weeks living and working at Eden  said "I've never been here, it's very near Devon!"( I need to add Lucy is a traveller, off for summer sun in New Zealand soon.) Anyway we all found it fast and well, and thank you to Launceston Town Hall a highly recommended venue, spacious, comfortable, helpful, .....we would like to return. We started the show with a loyal audience and having been the recepient of Frantic theatre's small shows for sitting rooms etc - highly recommended - - I have no worry about size of audience "Quality not Quantity" and the performers love what they do, however 10 mins in we were pleased to have many of Access Theatre and their friends join us, which is what we had hoped for. ~So time to meet and chat in the interval and afterwards. Next time we come they said they will spread the word.
Thanks to Sammy who came to be an extra pair of hands, thanks to Lucy for putting up with us and the extra levels of chaos Shallal can provide!!! i had forgotten to find someone to press projection buttons so did it myself - badly -....however with help from Fred and friend who had set the lights etc all went reasonably well. I wear too many hats and old age doesn't help the memory ..anyway.... apologies, and .... 
Thank you to all and well done...
I am always impressed by Shallal, I can forget how much attention we need to focus and I am then amazed by the generousity of everyone involved. Many lovely images from the day, especially of the young "uns" and young at heart! sliding over the long smooth floor at the end.
Thank you to trustee Anne Mackay and her family, and Sammy for doing front of house and hospitality. Jem has taken some photos on his iphone so we may get some images.

Here is some feedback;
(more to come soon from Access members)

Delighted & inspired.
I love the range of dance & movement, poetry, music, song, costumes, lighting.
Ray Bowler

Most enjoyable and touching, would have been great to have had a larger audience. I guess Shallal doesn't have a reputation in this area.
The balance between choreography and improvisation the "play" alive.
Loved the singing, the duets, being audience to human "beings" getting their needs for touch, caring, movement, validation and more is a pure joy - heart to heart.
Thank you.
Franki Anderson

And well done and welcome to Lydia, Lauren, Daniela and Arran - their first show with us, and to Anna who stood in for Jessie's solo, 12 and her first solo not ever choosing/wanting to do one.( Mum talking here.)

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