Friday, 11 May 2012

foyer dIsplay at Gyllyngdune, rehearsals and 19th May

Nice to wake up to less pressure! but still nice to blog after a busy week so:
Many thanks to Rory for putting up the display in Gyllyngdune Gardens foyer, (and to Anna). There are samples of Toby, Zoe and Andy's work there from the successful Studio 61 exhibition.

We plan to have an exhibition again with Studio 61 in 2013 with our new three pronged project of People, Poetry and Paint- the project will start after Doorways and will build on all the work being done, through art, poetry, photography and performance.

You can't see any of Eddie's work there but he has one painting going into Falmouth Art Galleries Soaring Spirits exhibition, coming soon!
Also I collect on Monday a lovely image he worked on for the Gardens to display there.
It is a pleasure to work with the Gardens in their newly furbished space and many thanks to Sarah.

Friends and Dancing are continuing their open rehearsal structure for the 1st June at Gyllyngdune....always love their work and sensitivity. Working with Andrew in the group ( who works on the floor half the time ) encourages us to do floor work and more hands on body awareness exercises which is a good progression for the group.

Thursday continues to be a small group but with high quality work, I am always amazed by the character each group develops and what forms it, why different groups call forth different themes/ styles, what is the mix? there are so many elements involved. Thursday has a loose improvisational structure to it. The space has a lot to do with it I think.

Main company has a lot of skills and enthusiasm at present and again many thanks to Rory. When we asked him to be our BBC funded dance artist/choroegrapher on the project, in theory it involved a few days and performances. He has given us much more than that and shares all his skills so we have: voice work, design, production, costume and more!! It is a real pleasure for us all to work with him, and for me to have someone who easily shares ideas and decisions.
All the company are contributing generously from their many skills and there is a wealth of ideas to work with. Our limitations are, that inspired by each site visit and the stories around it, logisitically we can't all continue to revisit it in rehearsals until a dress rehearsal if we're lucky.
However the work has indoor shows in the Autumn so we can play with that after the outdoor ones.
Lovely to have Barbara Santi ( film ) back on board visiting and developing work as well.

Just a reminder;
Saturday 19th May 1.30pm - 1.45pm Shallal at The UCF Marquee in Event Square, Falmouth.
- a chance to see some of the work developing for the summer shows

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