Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hoping to perform at UCF's Diversifest week on Friday 9th March and wondering what to do, we showed Works in Progress last time we were there before Christmas, we have these but some have developed and we are right at beginning of new devising process..but realise i like this part the best....a friend Nigel Maynard has taken some wonderful photos of water falling over Drift dam and would love to backproject them, have just written to "musical" friends of Shallal, as live music would be wonderful, we shall see what happens ..if anything this time

Other ideas perculating away from recent rehearsals; Debs brought in an old recording of her uncle singing, played on cassette on an old family radio/player - duet with her and Trevor, there are 2 poems so far, word shower, a mad one off big group improvisation with a step ladder..can we make anything from it in 2 rehearsals!
 What can be used, what kept for the garden?..garden at the moment involving flowers, flying mermaids - will they last?- boat watchers, ravens, Edwardian ladies, gardener, .....and lets not forget the Door!

The company is over 20 people at the moment and for the first time we felt squashed rolling around in St Peter's Hall last week and there were 4 people away...
Sammy is back with some more support, Jewel is waiting for Tallulah to return from Cuba! before trying the company again.

There is also an exhibition coming up at Studio 61 in March, featuring Zoe, Eddie and Toby's work, and hopefully Andy Parker..keeping it simple this time, as these artists have already framed work to show - as this will be done on no budget but, we hope it will be the start of many exhibitions of visual arts from main co members and friends of Shallal.......still want to do a Supported Studios project, just waiting for it to ferment and hopefully fall into place! If you carry an idea around long enough it often happens..and another project is to work with people with high needs in Centres. We already do these sessions sporadically in Murdoch and Trevithick and John Daniel Centre, but want to find funding and develop it, one facilitator with one dancer.....
so much can be done, but this would need proper funding... many people are getting out now to access community groups, which is ideal, but the logistics for this is still very complicated for this group of people, so we would go to them and then develop the work.
The freedom it is possible to experience when using/borrowing someone else's body to move with can be an incredible experience and the profound difference of touch in that way, through dance movement/ gestural language relationship, in contrast to the functional care people experience, and just the fun of it: the range dance can cover from social fun/ rhythm to deep creative sharing and expression in a short time..the functional aspect of stretching to the body in art...
I didn't work creatively yesterday, may explain all this today....  but went to Human Rights Human Lives training day, (with Rory and Colin)..if you stay in the same field of work /experience long enough, ask the same questions; choice, decisions, freedom .... it's interesting to watch developments and things have moved on, now there is legisaltion supporting rights such as The Mental Capacity Act..think i should go and reread the notes they gave us..
if you've read to the end, well done!
weather permitting I'm off to SOTA conference next week...thanks to the Arts Council for the bursary.

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