Sunday, 24 January 2021

Welcome to our bimonthly Artistic team meetings


Friday Art Zoom end Art share

Notes just created for our Artistic team meetings
very pleased to have these - thanks to Sapphire's new role for instigating and managing it ...
we will develop and improve this format as we go along...

Welcome to our bimonthly Artistic team meetings

At present these are for those in Shallal who have a paid role to deliver sessions/projects.
(They may open out to/invite others in the future)

The initiative behind it is twofold: 
1. to develop/link creative projects across art forms in Shallal from Lou
2. to support the creative sessions being delivered 
- by providing in house 'shared' CPD ( Continuing Professional Development) 
- sharing inspiration, approaches, good practice, sign posting to other initiatives etc
- reflecting on participants across Shallal and supporting their involvement
- maintaining/developing the inclusive ethos of Shallal

We already have a monthly business meeting and are going to start a funding one soon so please no costs, funding or bid writing discussion in this time! 
They are necessary and can be scheduled from it, but are not to encroach in here, this is for us to focus on 

Please log in from 3.45 so we can start on time:
4pm Start
Housekeeping: positive comments, hand signals, use 'chat' to share extra info
run as all Shallal groups but with emphasis on professionalism as in group delivery so: time keeping, consideration, care for others.
from recommended CPD for our voices while working - only 10min watch

Hand signals - agree wave added

Meet & Greet 10 mins
name, groups, you are involved in and one sentence.
Recent and current themes in groups 30mins
 if you can fill this in beforehand to save time please do 
SDT: new one Costume, Windows and Doors, Film
Art Zoom: film/video new group, birds and branches, previous sharing work with Barry, Dance and Draw - tracing paper mail out, 
reminder for artistic sharing possibility, artists talks/presentation as in BLW. ( Eddie, Zoe, Janice ...) 
Shallal 2: ideas working to G7 June and Cop Nov Glasgow, sub group Victor Hara short outdoor film on hold, new piece, started working with Ted Chiltern musician, voices,
Shallal Sketchbooks:
Shallal Studios:
Open House: 
Express Yourself: 
Friends and Dancing:
Out There: 
Dance Outreach:

Breakout rooms 5 mins each 20 mins
1 with those in similar roles:   associate artists and facilitators
2 with those in similar groups:   community, performing, visual art
3 across different art forms: 

Connecting with people and interconnections in groups etc

New initiatives - 20 mins if we have time
Sapphires post - 2mins
Jo - Disrupt digital festival? -2 mins
Barbara - Film and video group -2 mins
Claire - Picture post development into sketchbooks - 2mins
Debs - Writing group - 2 mins

Feedback one sentence and Suggestion one sentence 10min
6pm Finish  

In the future we may:
set an agenda
focus on a particular theme
Skills Share 
have Q&A 
receive training? 

Shallal Dance Theatre costume pose

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Social Justice and Time to Shine, shared zoom lunch and costume

Social Justice & Systems change

Lou found this from new Marmot Covid review:

"There is an urgent need to do things differently, to build a society based on the principles of social justice; to reduce inequalities of income and wealth; to build a well-being economy that puts achievement of health and well-being at the heart of government strategy, rather than narrow economic goals; to build a society that responds to the climate crisis at the same time as achieving greater health equity"

Today Sapphire is at a virtual conference:

Time to Shine (T2S) is a leadership programme created by The Rank Foundation in 2010. The programme evolved in response to the increasing demands within the social sector to improve the range of business capability skills and, following the recession in 2008, to address the wide-spread challenge of under-employment experienced by many people.   
The programme has 3 main aims: 
  • To address organisational development needs within a social enterprise or charity. 
  • To enable a Time to Shine Leader with the right skills mix, talent and work ethic, who is currently under-employed, to experience a 12- month full-time paid position within a supportive social sector work environment.  
  • To provide an opportunity for talented people to consider the social sector as a career of first choice. 
To date, more than 300 Time to Shine Leaders have worked in over 200 charities and social enterprises across the U.K.  The programme’s distinctive culture incorporates a range of personal and professional development activities for the Time to Shine leader, their line manager and in turn, the whole organisation.

Sapphire's role as Dance Outreach and Development co-ordinator involves

Connecting 1:1 with vulnerable participants to enable, develop and create collaborative projects.

Researching digital platforms for performance

Networking and developing relationships especially in relationship to digital platforms from local to international level.

Leading research and development of Audio description for dance and sharing report throughout Shallal

Initiating and maintaining new bimonthly Artistic team meetings

Reporting weekly to creative director, monthly to business meeting and creative team   

So far we are 9/10 days into her new role and already i can feel the benefits.

Yesterday as her manager i was also in the conference and very impressed by the care, expertise and enthusiasm there is for the programme, with opportunities available for leaders, managers and charities within it.
Grateful thanks to all our team and theirs that has enabled this opportunity for Shallal and Sapphire.

Background work continues in Shallal and as always picks up pace to match new outputs and needs, so yesterday was our first business meeting of 2021.

Meetings, breed meetings, and i'm grateful that there are more creative ones as well now.
We look forward to our first Artistic team meeting next week!

I'm off to write to Shallal Dance Theatre to invite us all to lunch on Zoom.
Last week Terri and Sapphire shared a birthday,
next week Joseph is 27 on the 27th!
Becky has her birthday on Friday - we will celebrate that next week as she has an appointment so can't be with us.
Also to repeat an invitation to Create Costume a good wintry lockdown activity.

Friday, 15 January 2021

Welcome to Sapphire, Film and news

 To have time is a wonderful thing and lockdown can provide that, as can Sapphire's new role in Shallal!

Welcome to Sapphire and we are so looking forward to the wonderful things which will grow from this mutual opportunity.

Thank you to Barbara Santi, Reaching Communities, Rank Foundation and our Trustees for enabling this to happen.

Happy New Year to everyone (despite the challenges and hardships of another lockdown)

We hope we can learn further resilience, adaptability, community and strength and use the time to renew systems for positive change.

So much is going on across Shallal, i had hoped to post our end of term newsletter, compiled by Phoebe, but it's proving challenging, so if anyone would like a copy, please email me or Phoebe:

Liskeard group made the move into Zoom provision this term and it was so enjoyable to join in their first session and see friendly faces, dancing outdoors, in care homes and front rooms.

New people join us, as well as old friends.

Friday afternoon Art & Production Zoom hosted our first Film& Video support group ( with Barbara and Lou) and we hope a lot of short experimental work will be supported and enabled from Shallal artists.

a taster of recent film:

Drawn together from Back Lane West residency 2020 by Anna Willis

Sapphire experimenting with mirroring recently:

Welcome also to Julie and Becky who have moved to Cornwall and were established in Arty Party. 

' a group of over 100 people with learning disabilities, meeting in Telford and Shropshire to explore, perform, create and celebrate art'

I recognise Becky in this lovely film, in the pink dress!


We look forward to learning from Julie and Becky and sharing skills! 

So here's to another term of creativity and fun.

Our poetry book is finally fully available, many thanks to everyone especially Phylly.
Suggested price £15 plus p&p email.
feedback "I received the Shallal book - what a beauty it is - congratulations and thanks so much!"

and finally a reminder of Whats on across Shallal in groups a week below:
(Studio - Although unable to meet in Shallal Studio during lockdown Studio artists continue to support each other and work together via all means possible: post, FB, Zoom etc and have 2 beautiful Zines £3 and some Postcards created and for sale again email

from a new participants form

 'Did you come to Shallal with any particular aims?'
"More confidence, fun special time together, expression and communicating without words" 

Monday, 4 January 2021

Shallal2 Christmas Tree/s 2020

Question...What is the connection from Rumi to UFO's?

Answer...Shallal 2 Christmas tree decorations!

"Rumi’s work often has an emphasis on the inner journey we all go on during life and as the theme was journeying, I thought that it would be nice to include an element of Rumi in the decoration. I wanted to pick an extract that was relevant to any one of us as a sort of talisman for recovery, so I chose a phrase from Rumi that has helped me in times of recovery. It reminds me that when I am wounded (physically or emotionally) it is also an opportunity to heal and to move forward on my path in life. I also find it magical that the phrase was written in the 14th century, and it has survived till now so that we can read it today!" from Sapphire

that along with Harry Potter, skating penguins, and wheels!