Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Markéta Stránská ....R&D

 just finished Open Practice and researching found:

Markéta Stránská



"The best advices I got as an artist are: “Welcome, make and appreciate your own mistakes. Own and cultivate your unique way.”

And I say, do not hesitate and dare to step, create or live out of your comfort zone. Actually, we all do live “out of comfort zone” in these unprecedented times.

I my country I can see that site-specific or landscape creative options are more visible and attractive now. And we as artists have a chance to be more local and to see the actual needs of community we live or create in."

Friday, 19 February 2021

Some updates and Dance Delivery Colin to Eddie!

 I'm collating information for our Annual report and realising how much i rely on the snapshot into Shallal's world that this blog gives me.

Shallal is an emerging and responsive initiative, now a charity, and we will continue to stay as reflexive as possible, especially aware this is needed for survival and resiliance in the future.

However i'm so aware that Shallal is so much more than my voice now, as more and more talented and committed people join us.

There are up to 16 of us who need to be trained for using Upshot thank you to the Rank Foundation!

The Studios and Sketchbooks flourish, despite the restriction of lockdown.

 Thanks to everyone, participants to group facilitators, to bid writers and trustees, a shared vision makes everyones contribution of equal value, a symbiotic relationship which needs to spread.

Such a good chat with Celine and Charlotte from Cornwall Museums partnership  - inspiring and supportive, thank you.

A good zoom meeting with Blair and Akulah and looking forward to working with Daphine Arinda and the offer of being involved in a Newlyn Gallery exhibition in early July! more to come soon!

Disrupt application put in.

and 'How do we create new work?' Sapphire is working well with people behind the scenes.

I was re-watching Barbara's beautiful .

and how can we transpose, adapt to our new reality?? so many of our performers are only just surviving 'hard' lockdowns, others are thriving in the freedom and support given by Zoom and connecting across Shallal. 

It's always a bit of an act of faith, in each other and the process, that the work happens!! How do we do this when physically separate?

I watch my family: be educated, study for an art degree, search for work after a degree and find new employment and access health care in these times, it's not easy! There are some wonderful initiatives and we all just have to get creative with how we respond and and keep connected and CARE for each other it's taking it's toll on some!

Grateful for things such as Charlie Morrissey at Waingate, Open Practice mornings 'just dance'

highly recommend it!

Although we all need to 'get off our phones,' instagram has opened the doors and windows into inspiring initiatives and solidarity with other artists and arts providers...such as the above and so many more...

Pleased with Film and Video group which has solidified and is skills sharing and going well, lovely to have Rory join us.

Thanks to Eddie who has run 2 zoom meet ups in half term, on his own initiative, 6 people, 

and Sapphire for leading the mid week meet up of 17 people.

Lots of planning and evaluating and balancing going on behind the scenes  at present and seeking our new temporary post financial manager! Thank you to Hennie our chairperson for being so supportive in it all.

Joy of Joys

received these photos and feedback this morning 19.2.21 - after writing the above yesterday...

Eddie's feedback on facebook:
I really enjoyed having Colin from Shallal come over to our car park this afternoon outside our block of flats. We all thought he was really funny and amazing. i really enjoyed filming him and taking photo of him making a fool of himself.

A chance to dance/clown/perform for each other, to push performance skills, open improvisation, choose and run solo performance and interactive dance theatre! We used to spend so much time watching each other, a reminder of what we love to do and to share!