Sunday, 21 March 2021

revisiting short vimeo films

A little nostalgic memory of days of contact and creativity:

A rarely shown short film by Chris Mudge  Shallal 2, 3 years ago at Falmouth Art Gallery

Early Out There, Liskeard short improv film, 3 years ago

and a look back at 'Footprints' Back Lane West 4 years ago

Thank you to Eddie for:

Friday, 19 March 2021

Films to watch

  My Feral Heart

was shown last night on TV, ( some of you may remember Colin got it shown at Newlyn Film house for Shallal and friends)

 Pam watched it and was deeply moved.." It was beautiful, wonderful, sensitive, perceptive, funny, sad, poignant, moving, absorbing, amazing on all levels and I found it a very valuable rewarding experience and am glad that I did watch"

and this is a reply to a conversation after 

Conversations and films

There is a real push for actors to have more roles these days and Never Have I Ever a US series had a great role for a beautiful young woman with downs syndrome 

and there's Peanut Butter Falcon which i haven't seen yet,

so things are hopefully changing.

And a Spanish film Me Too which a friend recommended

So important we are all visible and seen and respected 


love and thanks