Friday, 20 March 2020

Connect & Create

                             Connect & Create

Dear Shallal creatives,

We hope you are all well, despite the changes to our daily lives that COVID-19 is causing. We hope someone has been in touch with you this week.  

I have been chatting to our trustees and all the group facilitators and associate artists to decide how we will adapt and continue going forward.

We are continuing our sessions, just not meeting up physically!

We will continue to Connect & Create, in a friendly informal manner, to collaborate through sharing ideas and inspiration, just through new methods.
Now more than ever we need to have fun and keep well through creativity and produce wonderful creative collaborative work.

There are already so many great connecting and creative ideas you have shared with us this week. Each group will continue working.
We will also share ideas with other Shallal groups when appropriate.

We have taken time this week to find out how best to keep in touch to 
                               CONNECT & CREATE

How the new format will work
  • We will continue all our sessions at the same time and day as usual
  • BUT as the physical venues are closed, we will stay in distant, or virtual, contact (methods below)!
  • In the session time, one of the leaders will contact you, and
  • We will share ideas, music, art forms.

Keep Session Time free
If you can’t one week don’t worry, just check in to find out what’s happening (each group will have a slightly different method - so check with your group facilitator if not clear).
New methods for staying in contact 
  • POST
  • TEXT
  • ZOOM

We may go onto use YouTube and Vimeo - and we will keep you posted.
The group facilitators and associate artists will be in touch: same day and time as your usual group.

Love Jo

We will be putting up contact numbers of agencies that can provided practical help on our website.

Do contact each other, look out for each other as we do when we socialise outside the groups.
If you are lonely outside session time let the Shallal leaders know and they can ask other group members who maybe able to provide more frequent contact.

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