Thursday, 24 January 2019

original notes for Embodied Space

Notes from my phone on original ideas for this area of exploration
currently Embodied Space

[ ] All art is expressed through the body...embodies explores our humanity all different shapes and sizes ages, who are we? what do we do? inhabiting this body in this space 
[ ] Placed in an art gallery setting Shallal artists and  performers,  move relate ignore play and express themselves, come and see, join in? who are we embodied in this space, at this time, what do we do, is it performance, spectacle collaboration, live art, portrait, narrative, abstract, symbolic all of this and more.
[ ] 
[ ] For you to interpret...
[ ] Dancers work with Space, defining the space by tape THE SPACE......a canvas a blank space a void a vacuum to fill ..listen to...
[ ] Characters, costume, chalk , sound...
[ ] 
[ ] Building on Popups and Always new
[ ] This keeps the element of surprise and playful  spontaneity often missing in our lives and art, bringing the joy of creation as in a session to the professionalism of performance in a public space Shallals unique performance style enables the audience to experience both.

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