Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Jo L recovery

  "I had major surgery on Wed 18th November. A week later, whilst horizontal in my hospital bed, having had a gruelling time, I noticed it was just gone 5pm. An idea popped into my somewhat hazy brain... I have my mobile, I have headphones, I have my face and hands... And so I suddenly decided to join our regular Shallal2 session! What joy! It felt funny and cheeky to take part in a public, yet very private setting. We all know how Zoom has limitations and we miss being able to interact in a large space. But how perfect Zoom was for me in that moment! In usual circumstances I simply wouldn't have been in the room. I was able to connect with my gang, be playful with my restricted movement. And it gave me the beauty of connectivity at a time of isolation, especially as no hospital visitors allowed. 

I was very touched by the video the group had made for me, with them moving to the 'Plymouth Lights' track which I love.
I found myself remembering the phrase I came up with several years ago: 'Shallal makes life better'. At times of stress and trauma it is especially true."

Considering those alone, especially in hospital, and in times of stress or trauma, we have made the private video we made for Jo public, you can watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfT_olfvORI

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